Lucky Number, 12022- 

I choose the final day of my life and start counting down to it. Since October 1st, 12022 Human Era, I use GPS to write the days till my death by walking in the streets of New York City. Day 0 is on January 27th, 12075 HE, according to the Holocene calendar.
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Highlighted Days

21,002 Starting at 372 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn
20,009 Miscalculation by 990 Days
20,008 Ma-n-Pop Makes Great Chicken and Waffle
20,005 Free Jazz Gig at Seasons of Vision Garden
20,006 Working at The Brant Foundation in East Village
19,995 Simchat Torah
19,985 Celia Visiting From Taiwan
19,976 Virgil Abloh at the Bklyn Museum
19,968 Song' E Napule Makes the Best Neapolitan Pizza
19,954 Overseas Call With Dad
19,053 Sheena Ringo Takes Away 900 Days of My Life
19,047 Polt Atolye's Handmade Leather Crafts
19,040 Peter Pan Donut
19,038 Hong Visiting From the Netherlands
19,028 Phone Died in the Winter Storm
19,026 Hotpot With Wei on Xmas
19,020 NYE at Ugly Baby with A, Bom, and Mama; The RV Man
19,017 Phone with Alex; The Syrian Civil War
19,016 Wrong Zero
19,015 Apartment Hunting in Woodside, Queens
19,014 Alex MoMA; Steve Metrograph
19,013 Visiting Justine Kurland on Jay Street
19,008 Errands for Alex to the Russian Consulate; Nick Cave at the Guggenheim.
18,999 Lunar NYE; Helping Doris and Alicia to Move
18,996 Feeling Depressed; Getting Up at 4 pm
18,995 Flooded Bedroom
18,989 Hsin’s Late Night Kimchi Soup
18,988 Brooklyn Public Library Resume Help
18,985 Waking Up at Hsin’s at -15°C; Flying to Taiwan
18,983 Seeing Mom and Dad After Two Years
18,978 Lunch With Liu Kuosung Family
18,963 Dinner With Liu Kuosung Family
18,952 Gallery Hopping With Loren; Cooking at Hsin’s
18,937 Moving Back to Sunnyside; Tokyo Story at MoMI; Alewife with Tommy
18,926 What’s The Point of Recording John Cage’s 4:33?

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