Mind the Gap, 12020 HE

Proposed Materials:
Space created by the dug-out earth

Proposed Dimensions:
1’ (W) x 741’ (L) x 2’ (H)

Site / Location:
The White House, Washington D.C., U.S. 

For my project Mind the Gap, I create a fissure across the White House central building. Stretching from the fountain in the North Lawn to the other one in the South Lawn, the fissure connects the outside and the inside.

The title Mind the Gap is a phrase used to warn the passengers to take caution while crossing the gap between the train and the platform. It is the phrase deeply burned in my memory because I had several embarrassing moments of falling over publicly. Most times, I caught my feet on my mindlessness. By digging a fissure across the White House central building and the lawns, I call out to the politicians to hold their steps and pay attention to the land, the evolution of history and to those who have been suffering. I would make the dug-out earth into 50 Japanese moss balls and distribute them to every state government.

June 2020